Missing woman remembered in song

CREDIT: CH TV:Lisa Young of Nanaimo has been missing since June 2002.

With reporting by Jonathan Bartlett

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

The father of a young woman who went missing in June is hoping to keep her memory alive through a song written by Nanaimo songstress Allison Crowe.

Don Young has been handing out copies of Lisa's Song, which Crowe performed at a vigil for Lisa Marie Young last December.

Young says he understands that memories fade with time, and he's hoping that hearing the song will ensure that his daughter isn't forgotten. He hopes that one day he'll learn of her fate.

"You just learn to live with the pain. There's nothing else you can do," he says.

Copies of Lisa's Song have been given to local radio stations, who have promised to give it air time.

Lisa Young, 21, has been missing since June 30. The Nanaimo woman was last seen leaving a Nanaimo house party with a man driving a burgundy Jaguar.

Nanaimo RCMP say there is nothing new to report in the case.

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Photo from RCMP of car similar to one Lisa Young last seen in.



CREDIT: CH TV:Don Young is doing everything he can to ensure his missing daughter Lisa is not forgotten.

CREDIT: CH TV:Allison Crowe performed Lisa's Song at a vigil for Lisa Young, who has been missing since June 2002.